A Different kind of D&D Boss Battle: Encounter Included!

This week I was going to write a long-winded article about an alternative way of running boss battles in D&D, but why write an article when I could make a boss battle for you instead! This is a 4CR boss battle against a giant bird of prey that you can use as anything from the finale of a quest to a random wilderness encounter. Check it out!

Besides being a fun fight, this battle shows off a few of my favorite modifications to combat in D&D 5e:

Position Matters: in this fight, standing in the right place is the difference between being forced to make really hard DC20 saves, and being entirely outside the boss’s reach. 

Alternate Objective: Instead of just attacking the boss over and over again, you can instead work to get a nearby ancient ballista working, which will do massive damage once you fire it.

Minions: I love throwing a bunch of 1 hp, low AC enemies alongside a big boss. It makes players feel like Heroes, and it rewards strategic minded players who use area attacks.

Published by Pine Golem

I’m a game designer who’s spent years brewing house rules for tabletop RPGs, and coding mini-games for friends. Small projects got bigger, and now Im publishing RPG rulebooks and releasing alphas for my best games. Everything I’m putting out is free, because the only way to design better games is to get better feedback, so reach out with your ideas, projects, and critiques at pinegolem.com, i’m all ears.

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