Practical Worldbuilding: Stories are Stronger than Facts

Worldbuilding is one of the most fun parts of preparing a TTRPG campaign, but it’s easy to get lost in the excitement of creating continents and fail to define what matters most to tell a good story. After a recent worldbuilding session, I realized that despite having spent hours describing city-states, geography, and gods, my […]

Keep Your Heroes Heroic: Avoiding the 6-Foot Pole Problem

When sitting down to play any TTRPG, it’s common for players to be very cautious with their character’s actions to make sure they live to fight another day. There’s many good reasons for doing this: many players gain an attachment to their characters over weeks and months of play and don’t want to have them […]

Not Too Low, Not Too High: The Goldilocks Levels of D&D

The level of your characters in D&D has a big impact on your adventure. High level characters have access to incredible spells that let them easily solve anything but the most legendary of challenges, while low level characters will be challenged by a pack of roving goblins. Many groups start at level 1, and plan […]

What do you love about RPGs?

Tabletop RPGs are a such a unique type of game because there’s so many distinct mechanics to enjoy. Rulebooks offer everything from character building and combat rules, to a framework for players to fully immerse themselves in their character and create collaborative stories. Every TTRPG player comes to the table for different reasons, and consciously […]

Rulings Without Rule books: How to Speed Up Your Adventures

Running smooth, action packed RPG adventures with as few interruptions as possible makes the game more immersive and enjoyable. One common interruption to adventures i’ve seen is stopping the game to look up rules. It may seem like a good use of time: using the rules as they are written makes sense, and some players […]